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Seedler binoculars/sniper scopes are both Made in Germany / Made in Germany
Steiner, Germany’s largest professional telescope factory, was founded in 1947. It is known as the Rolls-Royce of telescopes and is known as a professional professional. It is a designated brand by multinational military and explorers. Steiner is manufactured by Steiner. The M-22 Ares Telescope, joined the Gulf War with the U.S. military in 1991. After experiencing extremely harsh environments such as desert storms and day-to-day use, the performance of the M-22 was truly rewarding. Ten years later, during the Iraq War , The well-equipped U.S. 101 aerial assault division, still using M-22 proves that Steiner telescope absolutely transcends the test of time and space. Steiner is pursuing the ultimate optical quality in the field of outdoor sports and leisure, military telescopes and sniper scopes. All The products are all manufactured in German original factories. With excellent coating and advanced technology, we develop top-quality telescopes and sniper scopes with the highest quality, perfect restoration of images and bright and comfortable vision. Professional manufacturing taking into account the ultimate image and resisting various harsh environments product.

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